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Baadband at a Galance

Baadband Stru. Ind. Eng. Co.Ltd is designer and manufacturer of heavy Steel Structures of powerstations, oil industries, gas, petrochemistry and also industrial Steel Structures and building with rely on various experiences and technical knowledge up-to-date and beliving to obligation in quality, be busy doing huge projects and infrastructural of country industries.
Looking to precendets the company was only confirmed many ability of designing and producing of Baadband Co and delivering of various projects to each of employers on time, is evidence to a fixed purpose the company in providing of demands and satisfaction of dear employers.

Enjoing of experienced and expert forces and having full set of machinery and equipments and applying of modern ways and try and maneger’s perseverence and quality’s regard and using of rules and new softwares is leaded the company proved its ability in carrying out of great projects in low time and desirable quality and quiet to offer to its employers.

This company is proud for presenting of requisite’s services to respect employers, attending to taking of Rate 1 of President Deputy Strategic Planning and Control in 2009 and abilities of the company in carry out of project as EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Management).

  Heavy Steel Structures and chambers
  Storages and accurate instruments and design
  Engineering of executive details in country industrial great designs

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Our Difference

Review Engineering Maps

In order to provide a solution to reduce the cost of the employer and ease of construction and installation for the contractor

Quality Control

The high precision of the design and construction of high quality structures as well as with the lowest percentage of errors

Execution with minority of incidents

With the HSE team based in the factory and installation workshops, and by providing successive training courses for staff to bring the percentage of possible incidents to their lowest levels