Baadband & Safety

This part to undertake responsibility of health regard and environment protection and preventing of events resulting from of regardless to safety regulations in acting of company.


Baadband Co policy in Health, Safety and Environment:
The company has obligate for keeping and protection and safety regulations and individual healthy in carring out different projects and try for reducing of work’s dangers so that existent dangers to reduce in workplace and imported injuries to environment.


For this purpose is doing following actions:

1- Bound up in safety regulations and individual health and its announcement in time employment and continue of staffs work
2- Producing of sufficent motivation in staffs with set in the hand of resources and requisite information
3- Establishing of educational classes for staffs in order to accessing to HSE purpose
4- Producing of safety workplace for staffs
5- Providing of report of petty contractors of HSE actions and their reflex in shop sessions
6- Cooperation with employers in order to regulations promotion and HSE standards

Also in shops of the Baadband company, personnel of safety and Environmental health to be present always and remind all safety points to staffs. results of these visits regulary to deliver to health department of related area.