Baadband & Quality Management

Baadband Company for promoting qualitative goals and in order to coordinating of it’s quality management with existent standards, accessing to principles of quality management in head of it’s plans.
According to existent standards all cases of QC and QA by way of preparation of documents such as forms and gathering information is evaluable. thus, this units first action for each project, is preparation of Quality Plan that will be based on its type.


Quality design was as main document for QC and QA,and is consist following cases:

  • 1- Quality Control Plan (QC Plan)
  • 2- Instructions related to inspection
  • 3- Proccess of coordinate between department of all QC and QA with other departments
  • 4- Documents of Control for attachment to the final project file
  • 5- Related forms such as,reporting of inspection,lease contract form and acknowledgement form
  • 6- Inspection cases according to work technical specifications
  • 7- Purchasing of materials
  • 8- Acknowledgement of machinery function
  • 9- Quality Assurance(QA) Methods


Reasons of establish QC and QA unit:

  • 1- Evaluating of material and equipments suppliers and petty contractors
  • 2- Evaluating of presented services to employer

in Baadband company done skilled force’s attraction by special individuals and also knowledge levels and experiment and confidence of their abilities is main factor in employment.
Forms QC and QA provided for producing of services quality during project and also is regarding all point views respect employers.
Choosing of inspection’s groups with motivation of accessing to desirable function be epigraph of quality management.


Relation and Duties of inspection groups is specify following:

Stop Point:

Stop points are parts of control actions that should do on inspection presence and in such cases will be don’t inspection or other actions without presence inspector.


Topical review:

In such cases staff or inspectors QC and QA can investigate work randomly and also was containing continuation excutive operations and it will be not stop for inspection.


Reviewing of document:

Sometimes inspectors sould control presented documents by QC and QA unit maker of equipment and producer of materials and a petty contractors. inspectors can review produce or services as local investigation and also they to certify and signature requisite certification.


Final ّile:

Gathering of documents and compsing of final file is means of certified complete set of document relation to inspectiong of works and equipment and quality plan and to provide certifications and others documents.

Also, final file be consists of finish reports following:

  • 1- Certified results of material chemical analysis reports and requisite physical test
  • 2- Weekly and monthly reports
  • 3- Reporting of responsibles of systems
  • 4- Certification of machinery for regulating them
  • 5- Objecting and lack of adaption works with technical specifications and work result of engineering part
  • 6- Certifications of purchasted material
  • 7- Resulting of certified reports of mechanical property and labratory reports

These documents can be containing of directives and processes of carring out work too, point out ways for location and material year and equipment and or done excutive operations. It the systems, employer can ensure of material quality and control process too.


Relation and Coordination:

Relation and coordination is shown in next page graphic between different stages process of QC and QA. Following explanations is presenting in relation to the diagram:


Inspection invitation:

In order to presence and inspectors supervision,letter of invitation to deliver for QC and QA by producer or seller and or operation’s executant and related inspector to provide plans and standards,technical specification and requisite control actions according to QC plan or design.



Reports signatured by inspector and deliver for QC and QA management and it will be deliver after of confirmation or improvement to employer and seller or producer or operation’s executants for following up improved cases.



Inspector signatured after examining and certifying of material’s adoption and executive operations equipment and other services with specification and standards,and then delivers to employer and appendixes a copy to final file too.


Clearance license:

Signatured certificate will produce possible of signature issuance of release sheet for producer inorder to loading and equipment’s transportation and or to operation executants for delivering of done executive operations.