Baadband Factory

+ 30.000
Production(kg) per Day
+ 230
30.000 m2
Factory Area
8.600 m2
Production Hall

According to company's high goals for quantitative and qualitative development, in 2006, about 30,000 square meters area was purchased in Parand Industrial Town with Tehran Industrial Industries Licensing Authority.

The factory construction began in late 2006 and a new factory was opened at the end of 2008 production facilities and equipment were able to manufacture 2,000 tons of steel structure (per month).

Where Is Factory?
Address: Unit A6, Afra St. North Fanavari Blvd. Fanavari Sq. Sanat Blvd. Sanat Sq. Parand Industrial City, Tehran, Iran.

Tel: +98 0229 4218061-2
Fax: +98 0229 4218622


Baadband Factory Specifications

Factory Area
30.000 m2
Production Hall 1
4.300 m2
Production Hall 2
4.300 m2
Central Office Building
1.000 m2
Office, Labor, Dining Room, Storage
1.700 m2
Color and Sand Blast Salon
1.200 m2
Green Space
3.000 m2

Special Machinery and Equipments